National 911 Assessment Guidelines

Final Draft Report
June 1, 2012

Since the guidlelines were released for public comment a year ago the NAGWG team has accomplished a lot! They have incorporated public feedback and conducted a pilot state assessment. Using these experiences the NAGWG team has produced a Final Draft Report for the guidelines and a blank Assessment Handbook Tool. You can view them below. Also included is a chart categories with their guidelines.

Previous Draft Guilelines for Public Comment
June 20, 2011

The 911 Resource Center has a project underway to develop consensus-based universal guidelines to serve as the basis for a 911 statewide program assessment process. The National 911 Assessment Guidelines were developed as a result of that project. Refer to the press release below for additional information on the guidelines and their creation. Please find the link to the guidelines below.

The public comment period for the guidelines is now over. You may still download/view the draft below.